Colleen & Siblings


If you have received a prenatal diagnosis that your child has Down syndrome then perhaps you came here for comfort, knowledge, something to help your fears.  I can tell you that your life will change but will bring love, grace and peace beyond your imagination.  

Many parents receive much pressure to abort.  I find this tragic but also strange in a way because it doesn't really change anything.  Whether or not you abort your child does not change the fact that you will ALWAYS be the parent of a child with Down syndrome. You will never again look at anyone with Down syndrome again the same for the rest of your life.  By having an abortion, you do not change the fact that you are still and always will be the parent of this will only change the opportunities that you will have to share life and love together.

We have three children a son and two daughters.  Colleen is our second child.  We did not know that Colleen had Down syndrome before birth, despite testing (blood tests, not an amnio).  The days after her birth were filled with fear, confusion and anxiety for then and also for the future.  As our lives started to unfold I began to see God's plan weave itself through our lives and the lives of our friends and family. 

Remember above all that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Many parents have been where you have been and have felt the same or similiar feelings.  I am happy to listen to you if you think it would help.  God bless you.


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