The Child Lives
by Mother Angelica

You see, the child lives.
Instead of wind, she hears the sounds of angels
Singing before My throne.
Instead of the beauty that passes,
She sees everlasting Beauty-
She sees My face.
She was created, and lived a short time,
So that the image of her parents imprinted
on her face may stand before Me
As their personal intercessor.
She knows secrets of heaven unknown
To those on earth.
She laughs with a special joy that only
The innocent possess.
 My ways are not the ways of man.
I create My Kingdom,
And each creature fills a place
In that Kingdom that could not be
Filled by another.
She was created for My joy
And her parents merits.
She has never seen pain or sin.
She has never felt hunger or pain.
I breathed a soul into a seed,
made it grow and called it forth.

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